Sweet Adeline of the Year



Each fiscal year, the Grand Rapids Chorus - Sweet Adelines names one member as Sweet Adeline of the Year (SAY).  The award recognizes the exceptional dedication, participation, contributions, and talents to our chorus over the past 12 months.  The winners meet one or more of these qualities.

  • Goes above and beyond to make a positive impact on the chorus,
  • Actively leads or participates in chorus activities and functions, 
  • Generously donates her time, skills and knowledge to the chorus and fellow members,
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership, commitment, service, creativity, and cooperation.

Judy Herrick 2022-2023

Sweet Adeline of the Year!


Janet Mason      2021-2022
Pattee Bender  2020-2021
Jessica Van Beek  2019-2020
Colleen Pierson   2018-2019
Diane Thompson   2017-2018
Stormie Zalokar   2016-2017
Sherry Berkley   2015-2016
Pamela Latus   2014-2015  
Sharon Devos   2013-2014
Sandy Cheeseman   2012-2013
Sandy Recker   2011-2012
Judy Herrick   2010-2011
Pattee Bender   2009-2010
Kat Kreun  2008-2009
Phyllis Mosher   2007-2008
Teresa Fuller  2006-2007
Jane Perkins   2005-2006
Leah Williams   2004-2005
Judy Herrick   2003-2004
Sandy Recker   2002-2003
Barb Mattis    2001-2002 
Barb Church 2000-2001
Peggy Hayes   1999-2000
Denise Van Dyken   1998-1999
Connie Burton   1997-1998
Bobbie Slack   1996-1997

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